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16 January 2023

Wiesbaden tackles it

Taking small steps towards sustainability: our Wiesbaden site proves that anyone can start protecting the environment right away. Do the excuses away! Even by making small changes, each of us can get the ball rolling. Perhaps the examples from Wiesbaden include a good advice that you can implement in your everyday life?

Challenge: Towel Paper

Who has not experienced this? You wash your hands after going to the toilet and of course you want to dry them. Not everywhere you can find high-speed dryers that consume very little electricity. If you "only" have a paper dispenser at your disposal, it often means pulling four to five paper towels out of the box and drying your soaking wet hands with them until there is not a drop of water left on your skin. It is true that paper dispensers filled with 100 per cent recycled paper have a very good ecological balance. But not if you generously pull paper out of the dispenser. Do it wisely: one sheet is often enough to dry your hands sufficiently - especially if you shake your hands out well over the sink beforehand. At the Euro Akademie and the Euro-Schulen Wiesbaden, a sign with this information has recently been put up in the toilets. The pupils have made a little competition out of drying their hands: Who can do it with only one sheet?

Solar watches: Powered by light

Since the wall clocks in two classrooms in Wiesbaden had to be replaced anyway, the colleagues took this as an opportunity to switch to an environmentally friendly version. The new clocks are charged by solar cells located next to the display bar. In addition to the exact time and date, the radio-controlled wall clock also provides information about humidity and indoor temperature. Even though we were initially unsure whether the lighting conditions in the classrooms were sufficient - so far it works excellently! And from now on, there is no need to change the batteries in Wiesbaden.

(Christmas) Gift to Nature: Planting Trees

Within the Euro Akademie and the Euro-Schulen Wiesbaden, a private collection campaign for the reforestation of the forest in Hesse was started at Christmas. The Forestry Office of Hesse offers the opportunity to donate a tree for € 5, which will be professionally planted and cared for. Director Jörg Göbertshan set a good example and donated 22 trees to kick off the campaign - in line with 2022, the year of the donation. The call was made in mid-November 2022, and 69 trees were donated by the deadline of 31 December 2022. In addition to pupils, relatives and teachers from the Wiesbaden site, a member of the ESO management also took part in the campaign, which Mr Göbertshan is particularly pleased about. Another reason for joy is the promise from the Hesse Forestry Department that the donations with the purpose "Campaign: Euro-Schools Wiesbaden 2022" and the addition "FA WI" (stands for Forestry Department Wiesbaden) will be used primarily for reforestation projects in the Wiesbaden area. This way, donors may soon be able to pay a personal visit to "their" trees in the forest around Wiesbaden.

Field trips of the social assistants with regard to sustainability

Those who work with young people take on a role model function as educators - consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, it is particularly important to deal with socio-political issues and to reflect on one's role again and again. The Euro Akademie Wiesbaden, which also trains social assistants, would like to give its trainees the opportunity to learn more about sustainability and environmental protection.

What are the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, what is "Education for Sustainable Development" and what does it have to do with working as a social assistant? The SoA classes in the second year of training deal with these and other questions. The beer coasters of the 17 goals in Hessian Beer Coaster Sayings | State Capital Wiesbaden (joint campaign of the State Capital Wiesbaden, the Development Policy Network Hessen and the Wiesbaden Chamber of Commerce and Industry) serve as illustrative teaching material. The 17 coasters can now be found on the classroom wall. Together, relevant goals are used to discuss and debate the extent to which one's own actions have an influence on the global future and what measures can be taken in the role of a social assistant to introduce sustainable thinking and action into social education institutions.

In addition, exciting excursions take place on a regular basis, where the future social assistants can expand their knowledge and gain a lot of important information for their future professional life. For example, we visited the exhibition "Less Plastic reveals the Sea" at the Umweltladen Wiesbaden and made sustainable artwork at the Fasanerie Wiesbaden.


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