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23 August 2022

Magdeburg, the city of modernism?

As the capital of Saxony-Anhalt, Magdeburg has always been a working-class city with many different industries. Many working-class families settled around and in Magdeburg at the beginning of the 20th century. This meant that new living space had to be created. The mayor Hermann Beims prepared the groundwork in Magdeburg for modern, social Bauhaus-style building.

Bauhaus pedagogically prepared

But what is "Bauhaus"? Where can you find Bauhaus buildings and estates in Magdeburg?
Can the idea of the Bauhaus philosophy be clarified and illustrated in different types of educational facilities and age groups? This was the question posed by the educators' class of 2020 at the Euro Akademie Magdeburg during a project week. The project week was conceived according to the model of the "complete action", which is an important tool for the future work of educators in the professional field.

The interactive city map

Five groups each had the task of developing an educationally prepared interactive city map with the theme "Magdeburg: City of Modernism and the Bauhaus" for their assigned age groups.

The week began with an introductory bicycle tour and the screening of a complementary documentary film.

On Tuesday, the students explored a wide range of ideas and information to create an age-appropriate and pedagogically challenging city map. The groups made short video clips, created new city maps, recorded small podcasts, developed games and many other great ideas to make the city map true to life for the different age groups.

The highlight of the week were the presentations of the five groups on their new, age-appropriate city maps on Friday. The students discovered, learned and developed many new things in Magdeburg. The knowledge they gained and the experiences they had during the week bring the students a little closer to their goal of becoming fully trained educators..

Thank you!

At this point I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the educator class of 2020 for their commitment and their pedagogical, creative and technical achievements during the project week. My thanks go to Mrs Sukovský for facilitating and implementing the project and to Mrs Rüppel, online/print editor at ECC, for her technical support with the URLs and producing the different QR codes.

Text: Educators, 2nd year of training

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