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26 February 2021

Internationalisation of vocational education and training

"Personality through education" is the credo of the ESO Education Group and the associated Euro Akademien. With this credo and its brand name, the Euro Akademie is committed to the idea of a Europe of free and educated citizens and the implementation of diversity, tolerance, equal opportunities, inclusion, integration, respect, openness to the world, transparency and mobility.

Training in and for Europe

In addition to professional competences, values and norms such as farsightedness, cosmopolitanism, tolerance, respect and mobility are taught in equal measure in the training courses. This pluralistic, pro-European orientation of the Euro Akademie goes back to its founder Pierre Semidei (1940-2009), who saw education as an essential prerequisite for the achievement and success of a united Europe.

Internationalisation is therefore a central component of training in all business fields. With its name, the Euro Akademie also stands for overarching quality standards such as foreign language focuses, the teaching of additional qualifications and the acquisition of international professional skills or the engagement of native-speaking teachers. During their training, students benefit from a wide range of foreign language courses, international opportunities such as intensive courses at partner universities abroad, the option to study at partner universities in Germany and, depending on the course, the prospect of obtaining further school-leaving certificates, such as the entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences.

Exciting mobility projects

International networks and examination bodies such as BUSINET - Global Business Education Network or ESA - European Schools for Higher Education in Administration and Management support the constant further development of the curricula and competence profiles and the academic linking of the training programmes. In addition to internships and postgraduate courses in cooperation with foreign university partners, the Euro Akademie offers its students international intensive, exchange and teaching projects. International conferences, intensive programmes, summer schools, excursions, study trips and internships abroad open up a wide range of formal and informal opportunities for students to apply and develop their professional and personal skills.

Following the vocational training, national and international university partners enable graduates to complete a shortened Bachelor's degree with the greatest possible credit for the training content.

Successful Erasmus accreditations

For many years, the Euro Akademie has been very successfully involved in the European programme Erasmus+ and provides scholarships for students and teachers to spend time abroad. There are projects at many locations that will run until 2022. In the new programme generation (2021-27), the accreditation procedure enables annual funding requests and thus far-reaching planning security.

The Euro Akademien Aschaffenburg, Berlin and Hanover as well as the Würzburger Dolmetscherschule (WDS) have already successfully participated in the first accreditation round in October 2021. Since the ESO Education Group also trains in the dual sector, the Euro Schulen Organisation has also had itself accredited.

Further information on accreditation can also be found on the websites of the National Agency at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (Nationale Agentur beim Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung).

Gender equality is one of the principles of our organisation. In this respect, linguistic equality is of essential importance. To ensure the non-discriminatory use of language use, we use – wherever possible – personal designations in texts that include all genders and gender identities. Accidental deviations do not imply any intention to discriminate.