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18 November 2020

Euro Akademie Oldenburg receives award as "European School" again

"Ask not what Europe can do for you, rather ask what you can do for Europe."

Joachim Gauck (German President 2012-2017)

The Euro Akademie Oldenburg successfully applied for re-certification as a "European School in Lower Saxony" and received a certificate from the Osnabrück Regional School Authority in recognition of its work. The school has held the title since 2015 and may now continue to use it until 2025.

The "European School" certification is awarded to schools that are particularly committed to the integration of European topics in the classroom, multilingualism, intercultural competences and internationalisation. To this end, European schools develop a suitable school profile and European curriculum and participate in EU programmes such as Erasmus+.

Milestones of successful international work

The Euro Akademie Oldenburg has successfully demonstrated this commitment time and again in recent years. Milestones in its international work include the establishment of successful cooperation with France, active participation in the association ESA (European Schools for Higher Education in Administration and Management) and the associated offer of a training and study programme specifically aimed at high school graduates and successful participation in the Erasmus+ programme.

Students benefit from international offers

The students benefit from a wide range of international opportunities, such as an internship abroad, participation in international student conferences, intensive courses or postgraduate courses at partner universities abroad.

Networking and staff development are of central importance and crucial for the sustainable success of the international projects. "The certification is not an invitation to rest on one's laurels, but an incentive to continue doing good work and to overcome boundaries, both figuratively and literally," says headmistress Susanne Clausen.

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