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16 November 2022

300th integration course has started

In 2005, Euro-Schulen Aschaffenburg was approved by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees as a provider of integration courses. Since then, we have continuously conducted courses with the final examination "Deutschtest für Zuwanderer" (DTZ) as well as the test "Leben in Deutschland" (LiD)

How Germany works

The courses usually comprise 600 hours of language acquisition with integrative topics and 100 hours of orientation course, in which the immigrant participants are given an impression of how Germany works. These courses are not only general integration courses, but also courses for special target groups. These are integration courses with literacy, parenting courses, special integration courses for women or youth integration courses.

An important contribution to integration

In the month of October 2022, the 300th integration course started. It is not without pride that the team at Euro-Schulen Aschaffenburg can look back on this many years of experience, making a decisive contribution to the integration of immigrants in the region of Lower Franconia. Since then, many of our course participants have achieved excellent results at language level B1 in the final examination. These learning results are a pleasure for us and an incentive for our past and future teaching achievements.


Gender equality is one of the principles of our organisation. In this respect, linguistic equality is of essential importance. To ensure the non-discriminatory use of language use, we use – wherever possible – personal designations in texts that include all genders and gender identities. Accidental deviations do not imply any intention to discriminate.