Facts and Figures

With over 120 member institutions and more than 1,000 concepts for education and integration, the ESO Education Group is one of the largest associations of private education providers in Germany.

Customers always come first: Networking and shared services

Activities: In Germany and worldwide

ESO Education Group is one of the largest associations of private education providers in Germany with more than 120 member institutes and over 1,000 concepts for education and integration. You can find these offers in our daycare centers, schools, academies, universities and our advanced training centers.

ESO Education Group operates its own university in Slovakia and its own technical colleges and a secondary school in Czechia. It maintains partnerships with renowned universities, academies and training institutions all over the world. Our work is shaped by close partnerships within the economy in Germany and abroad, by joint projects with global businesses as well as by internationally recognized degree programs.

Knowledge: networked

In addition, our long-term partnerships and cooperation with interest groups, researchers and, last but not least, leading representatives of the economy, facilitate well-founded, forward-looking action. This broad networking is a key feature of our quality and guarantees practical, international, modern sustainable transfer of education, knowledge and skills. The service facilities of ESO Education Group support the member institutes with rapid, comprehensive exchange of know-how in all functional areas and areas of expertise. Specialists from various fields develop top-quality education and training programs for our locations which are active at the German federal level and across Europe in close cooperation with the staff in charge on site.


The following companies, offering servicesfor individual and/or corporate customers, form part of ESO Education Group:

The Logophon publishing house has been producing teaching materials that meet the latest didactic standards for the past four decades.

ESO Consulting
When it comes to the qualification of employees – from expert advice to tailor-made training programs – ESO Consulting is the perfect central partner. We have access to the entire education network of ESO and organize and align nationwide offers.

Internal contractors

Internal contractors perform for all locationsall services that contribute to easing each site’s daily workload.

ECC – Euro Communication and Consult
This full service in-house agency supports all locations with their advertising activities in the print and online areas. ECC offers design, text, handling, production and web development. It executes its advertising orders professionally and in a creative way.

Euro IT Solutions
The tasks of Euro IT Solutions include maintenance and development of the web-based cross-group school administration system, the Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) and fulfillment of the locations’ IT needs.

Euro-Service and Administration
All accounting tasks are carried out by Euro Service and Administration, which is an internal contractor. These tasks include not only payroll and financial accounting but also preparation of the annual financial statements for all locations.


Our employees

Over 2,200 motivated, competent and creative personalities work for ESO Education Group. They ensure continuously that our customers receive the best possible educational offers to be successful in the working world and the society. On this mission, they are supported by over 2,500 freelancers.

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  • Deans
  • Directors
  • Managers of specialist fields and functional areas
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chancellors
  • Directors of facilities and academies
  • Presidents
  • Product managers

Pedagogical specialists:

  • Trainers
  • Advisors
  • Educators
  • Teachers
  • Lecturers
  • Social education workers
  • Scientists

Administrative specialists:

  • Job agents
  • Education and career counsellors
  • Facility specialists
  • IT specialists
  • Administrative specialists