KITA Traumzauberbaum

Our daycare centre in the heart of Bitterfeld-Wolfen offers space for movement, fun and games, for creativity and fantasy and is also a place to meet nature.

Room of experience: A place to encounter nature

In the KITA Traumzauberbaum in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, children are offered early learning and child care from toddler to preschool age. They have many opportunities to discover the world and themselves and to develop their creativity and imagination. It is these objectives and our closeness to nature that our name, “Traumzauberbaum”, originates from.

The four key areas of education at the KITA Traumzauberbaum are the promotion of language learning, health, movement education and Kneipp pedagogy. Social skills and intercultural as well as language development are at the center of our educational work with a special focus on building confidence and creativity. The children enjoy woodworking activities in our woodwork shop and discover in our Kneipp basin that health is fun. The KITA Traumzauberbaum experience is rounded off with healthy full board. 


“Football, yes, I like that. And I like to be outside a lot. What I like most is to play with Hilmar. Hilmar is my friend.”
Luca from the KITA Traumzauberbaum, answering the question what he likes best about it.
LocationOur educational priorities


  • Language support
  • Health
  • Movement education and Kneipp pedagogy

Further information can be found on the KITA Traumzauberbaum Website.

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