The cornerstones for stabilising and expanding our success are our committed employees. Whether you are an experienced professional or a qualified newcomer, you are in demand to join us!

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Show personality, challenge personality, develop personality, live personality: That is our HR guiding principle.

It is derived from our mission "Personality through education" and implies the different levels that our employees can pass through in our Group.

Convince us with your unique personality, experience challenges and challenge yourself every day, find your personality in our corporate culture and support us in realizing our vision.

We reward your performance and want to make a lot possible for you!
If you can identify with our guiding principle and our vision, then become a member of our high-performance team.

Best career opportunities!

The ESO Education Group is one of the most attractive employers for university graduates in Germany. This is the result of the current DEUTSCHLAND TEST study "TOP Career Opportunities for University Graduates" commissioned by FOCUS-MONEY. In the category of educational institutions, the ESO Education Group as an employer is in 2nd place in Germany with 90.7 out of 100 points.



We support you over the entire cycle of your professional career!

Personnel Development into the job

With the help of these opportunities, we would like to make it easier for our employees to get started and prepare them appropriately for their future position. Depending on the category in question, we take the necessary time for a regular exchange of experiences and offer sufficient space for questions. We are therefore firmly convinced that a good foundation is the most important step towards a successful future in accordance with our mission "personality through education".


Personnel Development out of the job

This classification refers to employees who are currently not in the company. We want to keep employees of the ESO Education Group, who are prevented from working, for example due to illness, continuously informed about our company and make it easier for them to return to work.


Personnel Development near the job

In particular, mentoring in the form of an intensive exchange relationship between a mentor and a mentee offers good opportunities for the personal development of our employees. We regularly use these mentorings in the context of succession and career planning.


Personnel Development on the job

Personnel development "on the job" comprises individually tailored, job-related offers for personal and professional further training directly at the workplace in cooperation with the respective manager and the HR department.

This category is particularly important to us because it always includes team and organizational development and covers the real work situation.


Personnel Development off the job

Regular training "off the job" is an internal standard in the area of leadership and talent management. They are the ideal complement to programs "on the job" and offer space and time for exchanging experiences with like-minded people.


Personnel Development along the job

Further training "along the job" takes place as part of our internal talent management program. In addition to a general portfolio of standardised further training courses, the focus here is on the highest possible performance success that can be achieved individually.