Early Childhood Education

Picking up children at their curiosity, teaching them to enjoy learning and at the same time giving them orientation - that is our credo. Our goal is to have strong, self-confident and confident children who enjoy life.

Discovering the World – Playful Learning

What adults have long since forgotten, children are still able to do, and in an exemplary manner: to discover the world playfully and with natural curiosity. They do what numerous papers recommend as the optimum learning method and which appears perfectly obvious from our own personal experience: doing something yourself – learning through playing. Because this is precisely the way we can best and most naturally internalize our acquired knowledge. The essential prerequisites are an adequate and playful learning environ- ment with a truly welcoming atmosphere and optimum learning conditions so that the children are still allowed to be children – notwithstanding all the educational encouragement they receive.

The daycare centers and separate children groups of ESO Education Group focus on the early childhood development, with educators and teachers benefitting most directly from the Euro Akademien expertise, namely from the continuing education program that is offered by the lecturers and specialists. 


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