Our Brands

ESO Education Group offers a wide range of educational opportunities, from daycare centres for children to grammar schools, vocational schools, technical colleges and universities.

House of Brands: Strong brands for your education

Our House of Brands is built on the firm foundation of our model’s canon of values and the services of our cross-brand functional areas. Independent, self-sufficient strong brands form the pillars of the House of Brands under its umbrella organization, ESO Education Group. Taken together, the brands embody the vertical education chain as divided into five sectors by succes- sive levels of education: daycare centers, schools, academies, universities and advanced training centers. The educational offers of a brand can also involve multiple sectors. 



Our Daycare Centers

At our day care centres we offer the children entrusted to us the opportunity to grow up in a protected, warm and supportive atmosphere and to take the first cautious but important educational steps of their own accord. We want to lay the foundations for the healthy personal development of the children by providing space and orientation: with humour and cordiality, with playful learning and careful teaching, with honest answers to many questions.

KITA Adlerküken

Our educational concept is based on a situational approach: We accompany children on their way to take responsibility for themselves and for others in society. We take the children's needs seriously and enable them to open up the world to themselves, self-determinedly and with all their senses.

KITA Waldräuber

At the KITA Waldräuber, the children are encouraged according to their creative, musical, creative or motoric interests and abilities. As often and as much as possible they should be active in nature and explore their environment more closely.

KITA Traumzauberbaum

In the centre of Bitterfeld-Wolfen, the KITA Traumzauberbaum offers space for movement, fun and games, for creativity and fantasy and is also a place to meet with nature.

Our Schools

Our schools accompany children and young people as they grow up. We offer them the opportunity to experience themselves as a valuable part of a community and to find their place in it. The focus is on imparting knowledge, skills and abilities. At the same time, we give the pupils enough room for development to become self-confident, independent, character-strong and inquisitive adults. 



The Private Gymnasium Iserlohn offers a qualified and state-approved grammar school education - for day students or boarders. We are committed to our slogan "individual - family - supporting". Starting in the school year 2020/21, it is possible to start as early as grade 5.


Trojské Gymnázium

The Trojské Gymnázium in Prague prepares students optimally for subsequent studies at universities and colleges. The educational concept includes not only first-class teaching and modern learning methods, but also high-quality school equipment. 

Our Academies

At our academies, we develop a solid qualification basis together with every customer. Individual consultation and a targeted analysis of personal strengths and weaknesses are the starting point for training and further education. They help to find out your own destiny, develop passion, choose the right career path and pursue career goals.

Euro Akademie

The Euro Akademie offers training and further education at locations throughout Germany. Interested parties can choose from a diverse range of courses with a commercial, social, educational or medical focus.


As a provider of numerous initial and further training courses for various professions, the Euro-Bildungswerk Nürnberg (EBW) focuses on the industrial-technical sector - especially plastics and metal.


In its foreign language studies, WDS trains bilingual or trilingual specialists for foreign language professions - optionally with an additional profile in business/IT or in one of the specialist languages of the natural sciences or economics.


The Zentrum für Aus- und Weiterbildung (ZAW) in the Nürnberg metropolitan area is an educational institution for qualification, training and further education with the aim of effectively qualifying apprentices and adults and opening up prospects for them on the labour market.

Our Universities

For decades, our universities and business schools have been inspiring students, teachers and our key accounts in the business world. The choice of university is decisive. It determines the successful entry into the professional and working world.


With our internationally oriented study programs, long-cherished plans for the future and advancement can be realized. Our renowned business schools and state-recognised universities offer Bachelor's, Master's, MBA and DBA programmes and make students at home and abroad fit for every new challenge.


For more than 25 years, the International School of Management (ISM) has been training junior executives for the internationally oriented economy in compact, application-oriented courses of study.


The IT Center Dortmund (ITC) qualifies IT specialists for the economy in compact practice-oriented study programs.

EBC University

The EBC University is a private, state-approved university of applied sciences with a focus on practice-oriented international business studies with individual professional specialization.

ISM Academy

The ISM Academy has been a leading provider in the qualification of specialists and executives for over 60 years.


As one of the leading business schools in German-speaking countries, Munich Business School prepares its graduates to master future management challenges in a globalized economy. 

Our Advanced Training Centers

The educational opportunities offered by our training centers are as diverse as the talents of our customers. We bring together what belongs together: the right educational concept for each individual personality. If necessary, we provide support for self-orientation and self-discovery and motivate our customers to master their own life and career paths. For the further education centres of the ESO Education Group, this means both promoting and challenging. 


The Euro-Schulen are a competent and reliable partner for private customers, companies and public clients - from in-company and external training, further education and training to integration into the labour market and society.


Euro-Train offers a wide range of services, from assistance in choosing a career, through training in craft and design fields, to numerous retraining and further training opportunities.