Our Mission

Open-mindedness, tolerance and dynamic thinking characterize our educational and integration work – making a significant contribution to realizing the concept of “a Europe of free and educated citizens”.

For our customers and for society

What do we do for our customers?

We support people with developing their personalities and accompany them on their path to a self-determined, independent life by means of our educational and integration work. In doing so, we are guided by our customers’ worlds of living and work and offer them the prerequisites for lifelong learning. We responsibly address our customers’requirements in different phases of life and for various qualification needs. With innovative concepts, we offer them holistic solutions in order to develop their competences.


What contribution do we make to society?

The concept of “a Europe of free and educated citizens” is driving us to consistently deliver top performance. We enable and motivate people to develop and grow so that they can act proactively, can take part in social life and, moreover, can assume responsibility for themselves, the society and the environment. Our goal-oriented and unbiased focus is on education and related integration work – both on a regional/national and an international level. With practical knowledge and innovative impulses, we give constructive input to the development of Germany and Europe on their way to a knowledge-based society.

We complement our core competence – education and training – in a holistic way by developing the personal strengths of our customers, by giving them adequate and individual support during the entire education period, by their active integration into society and structures as well as by placing them in the global world of work.