Education Partners Worldwide

Through its close cooperation with prestigious universities, academies and companies in Germany and abroad, the ESO Education Group enables practical experience on the international job market in addition to internationally recognized and renowned degrees during the training.

An international network: Partners in the world

High international standards

In view of the ever increasing globalization of the economy, international education programs are a matter of course for ESO Education Group. We see ourselves as education providers of international appeal, offering internationally-oriented education programs to provide for the professiona lfuture and career opportunities of our graduates in a global working world beyon dthe borders of Germany.

Internships and semesters abroad

With this in mind, the universities and academies of ESO Education Group put special emphasis not only on a high level of practical relevance, but also on the international dimension of their courses. That is why internships and semesters abroad are an integral part of all our study programs. They can be spent at one of our more than 220 partner universities worldwide.

The choice of universities at which students can spend their integrated semester abroad depends on their course of study. The number of select prestigious international universities they can choose from varies depending on their particular field of specialization. During their semester abroad, the students each extend their intercultura lcompetence and language skills. They can choose from 42 countries on all five continents.To guarantee the quality of these offers, the network of partner institutionsis continuously maintained and extended. The number of partner universities offering high-quality study programs has been increasing from year to year.

Student exchange is complemented by the exchange of lecturers and professors. International guest lecturers contribute intercultural and international perspectives to the specialist courses while our lecturers share their expertise and knowledge withour partner universities. At the same time, they gather new insights from discussions with international students and colleagues and thereby enrich the quality of the tuition.


European education programs and projects

ESO Education Group maintains global partnerships with prestigious universities and academies and guarantees internationally recognized and renowned degrees.

Additionally, ESO works closely with companies in Germany and abroad, since our customers are supposed to gain practical experience on the international labor market during their training program. This is ensured by partnering companies for specific projects or research work and by participating in training programs of the European Union, e.g. “Erasmus+” and “Leonardo da Vinci”.