Our Guidelines

determine our company strategy, serve as guidelines for and motivate our employees, and show our customers what is important for us and what accounts for the quality of our services.

The basis of corporate strategy


We connect people and cultures!

With our international network, worldwide cooperation and partnerships, we contribute to “learning without limits” and to cooperative interaction among the diverse cultures.



Solution-oriented actions require vision!

We look at the bigger picture – in order to jointly achieve our customers’ goals in an excellent and sustainable manner. And we are also closely connected to all our network partners to ensure our interdisciplinary approach and the value of our service offers.



Increased customer benefit is in the foreground!

Clarity and transparency provide orientation and create reliability. Our aim and claim are continuous improvement processes. Our high quality standards are regularly assessed by internal and external experts.



From daily practice for daily practice!

We focus on the needs of the world of work and everyday life. For this purpose, we use the knowhow as well as the valuable experience of our experts and cooperation partners. We guarantee tailor-made solutions.



Individuality and uniqueness strengthen the society!

With our tailored offers, we impart knowledge, realize human potential and motivate for personal initiative. This is how we support our customers to successfully participate in social and professional life.