General Education

ESO Education Group offers children and young people the foundation that matches their abilities, talents and future plans. Recognizing and promoting their potential is just as much a part of this as strengthening their motivation.

Learning successfully and with pleasure

The ESO Education Group's services in the school sector include support in obtaining school-leaving qualifications and extra tuition during regular schooling, as well as information and assistance with career guidance.


With tutoring to learning success

The ESO Education Group's student support is geared to the individual needs and opportunities of students and parents. In tutoring, qualified teachers close gaps in knowledge in groups or individual lessons and develop new content. The aim is to promote the personality of the young people and to strengthen their motivation. Those who learn with fun have more success at school. The focus is on teaching the subject matter, in addition the students learn techniques for faster and more effective learning. Even if they are afraid of exams, the students receive support and learn to deal with the pressure to perform.


Successfully completing school

Anyone wishing to train or study needs a school leaving certificate. This is also mandatory for attending a secondary school. The ESO Education Group can help you to obtain a secondary school leaving certificate (Hauptschulabschluss, Realschulabschluss, Fachhochschulreife or general university entrance qualification).


Learning without limits with the ESO Education Group

Not only in Germany: The ESO Education Group also runs general education schools at several locations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Finding the right job after school

What is the right profession? The career guidance of the ESO Education Group gives pupils an early answer to this question. This includes basic information on the world of work and on individual professions, knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of young people and an orientation for the next concrete steps in choosing a career.


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