Our Business Fields

ESO Education Group provides people of all ages and population groups with diverse and meaningfully networked educational opportunities and supports them in their personal development.

Lifelong learning - at every level

From childhood dreams to a new job

The purpose of all education programs is to qualify people in order to ensure the best starting conditions and development opportunities for them. This should happen in a continuous process of living, learning and working that is enjoyable and also takes individual stages of life and learning phases into account.

As a provider of future-oriented concepts, we create the necessary conditions for comprehensive and networked education and integration services and, as a consequence, for lifelong learning at every level: from kindergarten to programs for senior citizens, from catching up on credits to studying at a university (of applied sciences), from vocational trainings to PhD programs, from childhood dreams to a new career. That is what we are here for – and you can rely on us. 

Our education and integration work is horizontally and vertically linked and networked. It provides highly efficient educational processes through sensible, systematically structured education tracks with smooth transitions from each level to the next. 



From daycare center to graduation

The ESO Education Group offers young people of all ages and backgrounds the right opportunities for every learning and life situation. Whether in kindergarten, during school time or with a view to a career: we encourage and challenge, depending on talent and inclination, and make the next generation fit for advancement. In Germany and also abroad.
If you are looking for the right job as a young person, you will find the right partner with the right professions at ESO Education Group in Germany and abroad. We support, advise and accompany young people before, during and after their entry into working life.


From training to study

High school graduates, high school graduates and also secondary school graduates find excellent training opportunities at our state-approved or recognised schools. At our vocational schools, technical schools and technical colleges, they can obtain national and international degrees, certificates and diplomas with a commercial/foreign language focus, in IT and in health and social professions.With our internationally oriented study programs, long-cherished plans for the future and advancement can be realized. Our renowned business schools and state-recognised universities offer Bachelor's, Master's, MBA and DBA programmes and make students at home and abroad fit for every new challenge.


Our educational offers include the following specialist fields:

  • The Economy & Management  
  • Health & Care  
  • Pedagogy & Social Affairs  
  • German & Integration  
  • Foreign Languages & International Studies 
  • Hospitality & Catering  
  • Tourism & Event  
  • Logistics & Commerce
  • IT & Media
  • Crafts & Technology
  • Sports & Nutrition
  • Fashion & Design
  • Coaching & Placement
  • School & Vocational Education

From further training to personnel services

With our further education and training courses, we bring private and corporate customers with foreign languages, in the commercial, industrial-technical and medical-social sector as well as in IT to almost any goal. The ESO Education Group stands for more than five decades of know-how and experience. Our services are tailored to the needs of professionals, but also meet the individual requirements of companies.
In the field of job placement, the ESO Education Group has long been a competent partner for job seekers, companies, employment agencies and job centres. Who, if not us as an education company, could better assess the strengths and weaknesses of applicants? We interlink supply, demand and requirements smoothly and even without borders. And we do it quickly, precisely and unbureaucratically.