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24 May 2023

WDS: Broaden your profile!

For graduates of the "Fachakademie für Sprachen und internationale Kommunikation" with English as their first foreign language and Spanish as their second foreign language, we are offering the opportunity for the school year 2023-24 to build up Spanish to their first foreign language in just one additional year of study and thus adding a second state title to your degree.

After passing the exam as a translator and/or interpreter for English and Spanish, you can be sworn in for two foreign languages. This puts you in a "doubly good" position to start a career with this profile.

Also, if you are aiming for a permanent position in a company, very good language skills in another foreign language besides English will clearly set you apart from other applicants.

You will receive more information about the postgraduate course in a personal consultation with the Würzburger Dolmetscherschule. The best thing is to get in touch right away!



Gender equality is one of the principles of our organisation. In this respect, linguistic equality is of essential importance. To ensure the non-discriminatory use of language use, we use – wherever possible – personal designations in texts that include all genders and gender identities. Accidental deviations do not imply any intention to discriminate.