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27 April 2022

Professional training and language courses

For International Women's Day, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) was looking for tough women who are building a new life here in Germany. They found the two protagonists for their report "Cooking, Service and Learning the German Language" deep in the Bavarian Spessart - in two hotels in Heimbuchenthal. The Euro-Schulen Aschaffenburg play a major role in the professional success of the two young women from Tajikistan and Kosovo.

Training and language

Blinera Duraku (22) and Anisa Rahmoniddinzoda (21) have a similar goal: they want to complete their apprenticeships as a hotel manager and as a cook. To learn the German language, the two are attending a vocational language course for apprentices at the Euro-Schulen Aschaffenburg.

Long implementation period

The first "subject-specific vocational language course for trainees", which started on 8 February 2022, was prepared long in advance. An initial decision to offer such a course in cooperation with the BAMF and the state vocational school centre Aschaffenburg / Berufsschule III was already made in August 2020 - about one and a half years ago. In addition to the corona-related difficulties, the preparations themselves also took some time, and it was only with the support of the entire team at the Euro-Schulen Aschaffenburg that the realisation of the trainee language course was possible.

Course launch

The pedagogical director of the Euro-Schulen, Ms Ghattas, who was responsible for the organisation of the project together with the school headmaster, Ms Zeisler, also took over the German lessons as a teacher, which could finally start on 8 February 2022 in the Hotel Lamm in Heimbuchenthal. And only ten days after the HOGA 1 course, the second course of the project began.

Looking ahead

We at the Euro-Schulen are very happy about the success of the project, the enthusiasm of our German students and, last but not least, the praise from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. The consistently positive feedback from the observation, which was accompanied by the report on the young students, has motivated us to continue the project "subject-specific vocational language courses for apprentices" in the future.


Gender equality is one of the principles of our organisation. In this respect, linguistic equality is of essential importance. To ensure the non-discriminatory use of language use, we use – wherever possible – personal designations in texts that include all genders and gender identities. Accidental deviations do not imply any intention to discriminate.