Our Daycare Centers

Young sunflowers turn to always follow the sun – in accordance with this principle of growth, we want to give the children entrusted to us the opportunity to grow and develop in a warm, safe and nurturing setting and to take their first careful independent steps to learn what is out there in the big wide world.

Mahatma Gandhi»If we are to teach real peace in this world, we shall have to begin with the children.«

Providing security, inspiring curiosity and developing compassion

Our daycare centers provide a rich and colorful educational environment, full of creativity, zest for life, gentleness, confidence and inspiration. We put special emphasis on compassion – teachers and children alike are able to radiate empathy. This is important to us because the childhood years are most decisive and, as it were, the most sensitive period of development. Children’s early experiences shape and leave an enduring impression on young minds and personalities. They are decisive for the development of physically and mentally strong and stable personalities. They determine the basis for complex human reasoning and communication. They contribute to emotional and social development – also incorporating curiosity, open-mindedness and eagerness to learn.


The flowers in the head of sunflowers are arranged to form the static axis of a spiral. In a sense, our development in life is comparable: from our core, we keep spiraling upward while time makes us advance and opens up to us, turn by turn, an ever expanding view of life.

We want to lay the foundations for the healthy personality development of the children entrusted to us by offering space and orientation: with warmth and humor, playful learning and carefully balanced teaching, and with honest answers to their many questions.