Privatgymnasium Iserlohn

Our goal is to lead our students successfully to the Abitur. In doing so, they are optimally prepared for a constantly changing professional and personal world. At the same time, we create the conditions for a later university degree or for the right choice of career.

Each child is unique. We offer your child the support it needs!

What makes the private secondary school Iserlohn so special?

School children can attend the Privates Gymnasium Iserlohn, which is state accredited, beginning with the 7th grade once they and their parents have decided in favor of it. The school offers support with changing schools so that the transition is as smooth as possible.

Starting later at our secondary school opens up a number of possibilities which a school child might not get by starting in a state school. Each child is unique − our school’s self-image and mission are built on this conviction. Entering a secondary school later on is an alternative way of taking account of a particular child’s personal development. 

Fit for the world

The students at our secondary school receive a qualified, state-accredited secondary school education, also as day students, up until successful diploma (G9). Special attention is devoted to encouraging the students to train their social competencies and expand their abilities to assume responsibility for themselves and others. They are also optimally prepared to face an environment and world of work that are continually changing, for it is they who will be shaping our world of tomorrow. We make them fit for the world.

The Boarding School for Education and Sports in Sauerland

The boys and girls who live in our boarding school gather social experience and experience that forms personalities as is only possible here. They practice a communal way of life within a larger international group. The internationality of our student body is part of our self-image. It offers the students the opportunity to learn from one another in order to prepare themselves for global togetherness in a world that keeps coalescing with all its challenges. Living and learning form a single unit. Wherein do one’s own strengths, gifts and interests lie? Aptitudes and talents are discovered − we guide the young people with developing them. This also applies in the areas of music and sports. Thus we make it possible for athletically inclined students to combine school and sports. For example, we are Germany’s only ice hockey boarding school with its own school and work together in competitive sports with the “Iserlohn Roosters”, which is a club in the German Ice Hockey League (DEL). 


”I like to recall anecdotes and, above all, the feeling of togetherness there. I learned much of my social competence in the boarding school. Even today, I am closely connected with many of my former classmates, both privately and professionally. I got to know my best friend in the boarding school and he served as best man at my wedding.“
Ingo Bals boarding school student 1999 to 2004. INGO BALS IMMOBILIEN Management GmbH & Co. KG
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