Our Schools

Everyone can discover inner wealth in themselves, and also always something new. Self-reflection and awareness are valuable abilities, for they give us security along our path through life, even when external factors disrupt it. Those who know themselves are strong - like our school children whom we release into life.

Marc Aurel»Look into yourself. Deep inside you is a spring that will never dry up if you but know how to dig.«

Learning for life and finding one’s own path

Every large river arises from a tiny spring. Water finds its way to daylight from dark depths of the earth that are invisible to us. It becomes stronger and more powerful along with other rivulets to form a body of flowing water that carves out its own path – partly through landscapes and partly over or around obstacles that must be overcome. The river’s goal is the sea, a veritable ocean of possibilities and challenges.

Our schools accompany children and youths while they are growing up. Personalities mature and talents emerge into the light of day during this time, which is characterized by change. We take the responsibility that arises from our educational mandate very seriously. Like a riverbed, we provide the structures and footholds that the children and youths need during this exciting time of their lives in order to find their way. Our pedagogical work focuses on imparting knowledge, capabilities and skills.


At the same time, we offer these young people space in which to become self-assured, independent, inquisitive adults of strong character. The children and youths at our schools have the chance to experience themselves as valuable members of a community and find their place in it. We believe that each and every human being has talents which will emerge into the light of day when properly encouraged. One of our most important concerns is to discover and develop hidden potentials so that no talents are wasted.

We regard this development of personality as growth of insight, experience and knowledge – a continuous process which meanders through life like a river. We, like a spring of water, offer our school children the required supportive forces which should develop over time to independent driving forces and lead to individual, strong personalities. This is not just a valuable, important prerequisite for their later occupations in life.