Our Academies

From banded pebbles to milestones that lead the way: Houses and bridges are made of stone. Stepping stones give us orientation to successfully break new grounds – and to learn more about ourselves. Together with each of their customers, our academies work out the solid qualification basis on which the customer renders its distinctive, valuable contribution to society.

Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi»When you make a decision, you can achieve so much more than what you would have expected.«

A strong foundation for life

Stone, as a natural product, is a symbol of strength and individuality. Its composition, its highly individual enrichment with various minerals and soils, its formation by land movement, wind and water define its appearance. Stones serve as foundation, as building blocks and as landmarks. Each stone is unique, enormously complex,and its purpose can never be defined in advance.

The educational programs offered by the academies start with individual counseling of each student and a targeted analysis of his or her strengths and weaknesses. They help one to discover one’s own destiny, to develop passion, and to set out on the right career. The basic milestones of our programs are giving orientation, enhancing potentials, cultivating interests, building up knowledge and developing one’s ability to perform. They create a solid qualification basis. 



This ensures that all our customers participate in social life. As a result, they will easily integrate in a strong and diverse society which they will be able to shape thanks to their educational experience. Their level of education and their sense of responsibility put them in the position to build bridges – for themselves and to others – in the society as in the economy. In case of unstable external conditions, their education and training will continue to serve as a reliable foundation, and will protect them, even in times of economic crisis, against unemployment and loss of identity. For, when you make a decision and – after thorough and well-advised deliberation – are deeply convinced of your plans, your entire approach to life will remain flexible, adaptive and creative.