Trojské Gymnázium

Our goal is to prepare our students in the best possible way for a subsequent study at universities and colleges, also abroad Our educational concept includes not only first-class teaching, modern learning methods and project weeks, but also the high quality of our school's equipment.

Trojské Gymnázium in Prague: Unique in the Czech Republic

The Trojské Gymnázium is named after Prague‘s peaceful residential suburb of Praha-Troja and located directly on the banks of the Vltava in the south of Czechia’s capital city, Prague. Here there are parks, athletic fields and, above all, the river Vltava with its world-famous canal for canoo sports. This is our secondary school’s ideal surroundings for relaxation and recreational activities. When the weather is favorable, classes can also be conducted here in nature.

In addition to the general educational subjects, the pedagogical concept also includes sports, philosophy, social studies and economics; great importance is also attached to improving foreign language and IT skills. The high-quality face-to-face or, optionally, distance education is a good start in the world of work. The objective is optimal preparation of our students for a follow-on course of studies at a college or university, possibly in another country.

“Our credo: Create an atmosphere in which all of our 200 students feel good, as in a large family, and have fun learning. Their successes at learning confirm our concept. Equipped with the general Czech university entrance qualification, they can pursue an academic career at home and abroad.”
Radim Jendřejas Managing Director, Euro-Schulen Czechia
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