KITA Waldräuber

In our daycare centre the children are encouraged according to their creative, musical, creative or even motoric interests and abilities. As often and as much as possible they should be active in nature and explore their environment more closely.

Interactive learning space: Discover the world with all senses

With opening hours from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., continuous holiday care and an entry age of three months or more, KITA Waldräuber in Berlin is a pioneer in the German kindergarten landscape, and not only in terms of flexibility.

Its location right on the edge of a forest and two large playing yards for the children allow for sufficient outdoor time. The children explore their environment, develop motor skills and learn about the seasons, plants and animals.

The KITA Waldräuber provides full board with healthy, nutritious meals that are prepared in their own kitchen. Additionally, they promote language learning, offer early childhood music education and have an excellent nursery school program in close cooperation with a primary school. The educators and teachers of the KITA Waldräuber are committed to continuous quality improvement which they also demonstrate by their participations in the state program “Kitas in motion – for good and healthy daycare” and in the federal pilot project of preparing „More men and women to work in Kitas”.

LocationOur educational priorities
  • Berlin
  • Language support
  • Early musical education
  • Pre-school in cooperation with a primary school

Further information can be found on the KITA Waldräuber Website.

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