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Specialist knowledge, practical experience, social skills: employers want motivated employees who are well prepared for their career start. At the Euro Akademie institutes, pupils and students learn what is important for their future career.

Tailor-made, practical and individual:
Education and training at the Euro Akademie

The first Euro Akademie was founded in Cologne in 1980 as a highly qualified educational institution for foreign language occupations. In the meantime, ESO Education Group has 34 Euro Akademie institutes throughout Germany. Its dedicated founder, Pierre Semidei, significantly contributed to European cooperation in education and training. The Euro Akademie institutes have committed to continue his life’s work.

At various locations throughout Germany, the Euro Akademie institutes offer full-time education and numerous full-time and part-time further training programs. Students may choose from a wide spectrum of programs specializing in the commercial-linguistic, social, educational or medical fields. 

"The training and further education of the Euro Akademie not only takes into account the requirements of the economy, but also the individual needs of the participants. The professional success of our graduates proves that our practice-oriented education programs are perfectly aligned to today’s German and inter- national labor markets.”
Iris Hermann Managing Director of the Euro Akademie

From vocational training to studies

First learn a vocation and then go on to an institute of higher learning? No problem at the Euro Akademie institutes in the cases of Economy & Management and Foreign Languages & International Studies! Due to our cooperation with established partner colleges and universities over many years, our students are able to enroll in follow-on academic studies directly upon completing a vocational degree. The Euro Akademie also offers practice-oriented, bilingual programs in cooperation with partner colleges and universities. 

The first step toward academic studies: Higher education entrance qualifications 

The first step toward academic studies: Not only are the students at the Euro Akademie able to acquire the advanced technical college entrance qualification in the context of programs for vocations such as commercial assistant, child care worker or social assistant, they can also obtain these qualifications at our own specialized secondary schools. Students who want to study at a technical college or university, possibly elsewhere in Europe, can set out on this career path by attending a technical secondary school beginning in the 11th grade and then, two years later, take the examination prescribed by the relevant ministries of culture. With some technical secondary schools it is possible to set out on this path beginning in the 12th grade, provided that the prescribed entrance requirements are fulfilled. 

Expertise, practical experience, social competence

The Euro Akademie stands out due to national and international connectedness. The balanced relationship of academic, vocational and practical contents in this form is unique. The knowledge acquired during instruction is deepened sustainably in intensive practice phases and forms the stable skills for a successful start in one’s career. Equipped with technical knowledge, practical experience and social competence, each graduate of the Euro Akademie who is setting out on his or her career is, in the eyes of employers, a motivated employee who is very well prepared. 

Learning under best conditions

The quality of training and further education is an important key to success. In addition to the high quality of the contents and methodology of its academically oriented educational offers, the academies’ self-image includes offering its students the best general conditions under which one can learn successfully. These conditions include:

  • Personal support
  • Qualified instructors
  • Holistic education
  • Practice-related instruction
  • Interactive learning
  • Recognized certificates, diplomas and degrees

Economy & Management

The practical educational offer in the field “Economy & Management” aims to prepare the students for their successful future in the economy of tomorrow. These certificates are recognized not only in Germany but also internationally. By learning at least two foreign languages, the students are very well prepared for communication with business contacts throughout the world. During internships abroad they can sniff out opportunities in the international job market. Thus they have best chances for a career, be it in an assistance or a management position. 


Foreign Languages & International Studies

Foreign language skills open doors not only to other cultures, but also to exciting professions. Many companies regard mastery of foreign languages and intercultural capabilities as key components. The classical foreign language professions which the Euro Akademie offers are not fixed on particular employers and job descriptions; rather, they leave one with enough options in which to find one’s own way. Students who are interested in languages can choose from a great variety of foreign language courses at all levels of proficiency and acquire language certificates and diplomas accordingly.


Pedagogics & Social Studies

The Euro Akademie institutes have acquired many years of experience in the education and further education of social-pedagogic specialists and assistant occupations. Well-trained specialists in the fields of early-childhood education and care are very much in demand. This situation of demand increases the requirements placed on pedagogic work. The Euro Akademien are committed to quantitative and qualitative development of their social-pedagogical offers of education so that the students profit from the high quality in respect to contents and methodology. 


Health and Care

Children, adolescents, the elderly, the ill and the disabled: there are many people who need help. The labor market needs specialists with comprehensive know-how that includes not only technical knowledge and methodological capabilities but also social and communicative abilities. Care and health vocations offer happiness in one’s work with people and are at the pulse of life. Demanding, but also fascinating areas of work lie in out-patient, semi-stationary and stationary facilities of the health and social services, in which the demand for thoroughly trained personnel keeps rising.


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Vocational training in the following fields:

Economy & Management

Foreign Languages & International Studies

Pedagogics & Social Studies

Health & Care

Further education and training

Studies: Bachelor Top-up

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