Personnel Service

In the field of employment services, ESO Education Group has long been a competent partner for jobseekers, the unemployed, companies, employment agencies and job centres.

Efficient and Unbureaucratic: Custom-fit Personnel Placement

Interface between candidates and the labor market

ESO Education Group has, for a long time, been a competent partner for those seeking employment, the unemployed, immigrants, companies, and the state employment agencies with their job centers. At over 120 locations of ESO Education Group, our experienced recruitment teams supply efficient services without any red tape. They are familiar with the labor market and its requirements on the one hand and also, on the other hand, know the candidates with their skills and competencies. For many years, they have been the perfect interface between the labor market, the enterprises and the candidates, ensuring successful and well-founded personnel placement services fitting for all partners.

Our job portal Opens external link in new serves as a job market for job-seekers and as a recruitment pool for businesses that require staff. All member schools of ESO Education Group offering personnel placement services quickly and efficiently match candidates to jobs and vice versa. 


Profiling and individual training for the new job

The ESO Education Group’s specialists, with their long-term expertise in coaching and recruitment, create the job seekers’ profiles. Based on the results of this assessment, they develop individual training programs for the candidates including modules that will also address and correct personal and social weaknesses. The internships on offer represent the current “real-life” workplace needs of the companies; which helps to facilitate the entry into professional practice.

Our employers’ service manages thousands of contacts regionally and throughout Germany. As we keep up to date on current industry trends and labor market issues, also taking into account supply and demand, we can support our corporate customers – in times of increasing shortage of skilled workers and specialists – by recruiting candidates who are an ideal fit.


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