Our Universities

Choosing the right university is of decisive importance. It is to determine the successful entry into the working world and a professional career. It is to impart freedom of thought as well as to take responsible and independent decisions and to act reliably and conscientiously.

Bertrand Russell»Thought is great and swift and free, the light of the world, and the chief glory of man.«

Academically educated and responsible individuals

The sea is the symbol of immense expanse, of impetuous force and challenging depths. It has fascinated us for centuries. It takes boldness and skills to dare to sail away from the safe harbor and to discover the new. Our universities and business schools have inspired students, teachers and our major customers in the economy for decades. With great commitment and the ability to work independently, they start to shape and organize their studies, work and life on their own.

We provide our graduates with the necessary “skills” – scientifically based methods, concepts, findings and experience abroad. “Boldness”, on the other hand, is reflected in their curiosity, in their enthusiasm to approach new tasks and to create successful innovations with knowledge, inspiration and experience.


Rough seas may also be experienced on the way to a university degree. The universities of ESO Education Group are a place where students will be confronted with challenges and will gain strength for the future. We competently support and assist them in this. Even if the waves are high and jobs, at times, turn out to be uncertain in the oceans of change: Our graduates are prepared for this and ready and eager to take on the challenges awaiting them – in their profession as in life. This performance potential opens up vast opportunities in the working world. It includes the lifelong capacity to always venture off to new horizons. With an excellent academic education, they gain the required steady confidence.