The best personal and professional development opportunities are the goal of the educational and integration work we do at the Euro-Schulen.

Competent, reliable partners: Education with people for people

As a brand of the first hour − ever since the first Euro-Sprachschule (Euro School of Languages) was founded in Aschaffenburg in 1966 − today’s more than 100 Euro-Schulen nationwide present a comprehensive product portfolio. This product range primarily covers the specialist fields of School & Vocational Training, German & Integration, and Coaching & Placement. These can be combined with other specialist fields such as, for example: Economy & Management, Logistics & Commerce, Hospitality & Catering and IT & Media. The education and (further) training courses at the Euro-Schulen impart solid genera leducation as well as well-founded technical knowledge. In addition, they provide for practical experience and contribute not only to extension of the key competencies but also to social skills. The students are accompanied, strengthened and supported in the development of their personalities so that their professional chances are increased. The large number of people who successfully complete these courses, as is evidenced by a certificate, and the high placement rates for the vocational integration measures speak for themselves.


Precisely accurate qualifications

Success at learning begins with exact knowledge of the very different needs ofthe persons learning. This requires, on the one hand, a broad offer which addresses their differing interests and capabilities. But, on the other hand, this also requires appropriate learning structures, practically relevant concepts with methods conducive to learning, and teaching staff who respond with empathy to the students’ widely differing life situations and to the needs of their professional and personal development. The persons learning can, for example, be adolescents, immigrants, successful professionals, or founders of a new business. Job-oriented concepts for precisely accurate qualifications have been developed with the objective of sustainably integrating the students into the world of work and into society. The contents required can be selected from a modular assembly system so that they fit exactly. The contents from theory and practice are closely linked to each other. The qualifications are oriented to the job market’s requirements.

Fit for the job market

Continual further education and training within the meaning of lifelong learning turns experienced employees into specialists and bestows sustained success in one’s profession. Thus, for example, language training sessions open up new occupational possibilities at all proficiency levels and technical language courses, as a basis for an occupational stay abroad, open up new personal horizons. For this purpose, the Euro-Schulen are networked with partners around the world and are licensees of relevant language certificates. In addition, we support your career with comprehensive training programs in the IT sector.


Offers for private customers and companies

We can also advise companies and employees individually and competently in relation to a specific field in order to develop with the customer advanced training programs that are completely tailored to the desired level of education.

Apprenticeship management for companies

Companies interested in offering apprenticeships receive comprehensive support with creating the prerequisites for an apprenticeship program and with evaluating the suitability of candidates. We also accompany the training process in the selection phase and later when the apprenticeship contract has been concluded. The Euro-Schulen moderate and give support with creating additional apprenticeship places and they help with filling these places with the right candidates.

Competitive advantage

As an educational institution that is active nationwide, ESO Education Group with its Euro-Schulen is near the scene of events and can therefore respond early to current developments such as lack of skilled staff, demographic change, vacant apprenticeship places and integration problems. Such early information can be put to advantage, especially in youth work. The objective is that young people discover and develop their strengths very early. This then forms a solid basis for individually evaluating sensible options for a suitable occupation and for acting as motivator and companion.

Optimal fit

At the present time, demography, lack of skilled staff and further factors lead to the suboptimal situation in which apprenticeship places are vacant but − at the same time − young people remain without an apprenticeship place. The Euro-Schulen advocate allocations of apprenticeship places which serve both the needs of the companies and those of the young people. They provide the sectors with special supportive offers in connection with an expanded search for candidates, even inother countries.


German & Integration: With language to success

Hardly any other topic is currently as heatedly debated in Germany as the topic of integration. Whether it is about immigration or demographics, existing skills or shortage of specialists, refugees or asylum policy: Since its foundation, ESO Education Group has understood the issue of integration as one of the central tasks of education policy. The above topics have therefore always been the focus of our work. People with a migrant background receive strong support when entering the country, when settling in and when learning the German language – our expertise, guidelines and practical tools help them to adapt to and cope with life in Germany. This includes giving them a warm welcome and initial orientation specifically for refugees, recognizing their degrees and qualifications ,using existing skills and competences, (further) developing language skills and professional know-how as well as facilitating their integration into our multicultural society and its labor market.


Established & recognized

As member schools of the ESO Education Group, the Euro-Schulen are certified by CERTQUA according to DIN EN ISO 9001. They are accredited according to the Accreditation and Licensing Ordinance for Labour Market Services (AZAV) and thus fulfil the requirements as educational institutions to cooperate with employment agencies and job centres. In addition, the Euro-Schulen have their educational offers certified in order to be able to offer them via education and activation and placement vouchers (AVGS). The Euro-Schools ensure that the legally regulated quality standards are met and that the measures are approved.

LocationsEducational offers

more than 100 Euro-Schulen nationwide

Specialist fields

  • The Economy & Management  
  • Health & Care  
  • Pedagogy & Social Affairs  
  • German & Integration  
  • Foreign Languages & International Studies 
  • Hospitality & Catering  
  • Tourism & Event  
  • Logistics & Commerce
  • IT & Media
  • Crafts & Technology
  • Sports & Nutrition
  • Fashion & Design
  • Coaching & Placement
  • School & Vocational Education

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