Our Mission Statement

Every human being can achieve something and, to the best of his abilities, make an important contribution to peace, prosperity and the preservation of nature. We inspire, we challenge, we give support, we assume responsibility, and we expect commitment and willingness to work. This is what drives us and what moves people all over the world.

Oscar Wilde»It is personalities, not principles, that move the age.«

Personality through education: Promoting individual responsibility

All the achievements of civilization notwithstanding, we are embedded in Nature. Nature is the source and basis ofour existence. Nature gives us strength and inspiration. Nature is our model through its particularities, diversity, and amazing and memorable characteristics, which exist side by side and complement one another. Nature is also our model through its strength and capacity for regeneration as well as through its innate ability to adapt swiftly to diverse situations and changes and, if need be, even to redefine itself. This has been Nature’s secret of success for untold millions of years.

Our organization likewise stands for the capacity to learn and for diversity, as well as for entrepreneurial spirit. Each of our more than 120 locations grows and develops on the basis of our common model – mission, vision, values and guidelines – against the background of its circumstances and needs as well as by furthering and developing the strengths of its staff. Our employees are our most important basis for success; our customers are part of the educational process and helping to shape it. This is why we facilitate and expect their participation, their shared responsibility and also their personal initiative. And this is what makes our range of education and training programs, our accompanying activities and our services so diverse, powerful and unique.

We respect and support any life plan of our customers and, as an international education provider we consider it our duty to enable people to develop strong and independent personalities. To this end, we promote talents, challenge the hidden potential and offer optimum framework conditions.

A true personality is characterized by an alert, critical mind that is able to developits own ideas and thoughts, to reflect these thoughts and to act purposefully. We encourage and support people to act confidently and proactively – via appropriate practice-oriented education programs, our professional services and our open-minded and holistic counselling advice.