For more than five decades we have been constantly optimizing and expanding our range of services. Then, as now, we align our educational and integration concepts with the requirements of the modern world of living and working.

Innovation needs tradition

Our tradition: Since 1966

French philologist Pierre Semidei paved the way for today’s ESO Education Group when he founded the first Euro-Sprachschule (Euro School of Languages) in Aschaffenburg in 1966. At the time, it could hardly be envisioned how important private providers of education programs and training courses would become.

Pierre Semidei was a committed European and a visionary as regards the importance of intercultural exchange in the field of education in Europe and the world. He was convinced of the fact that an internationally oriented education was the ideal basis for a self-determined and successful private and professional life – and he lived to prove it. Himself a Frenchman, he became a successful entrepreneur in Germany. Passionately, with an insatiable curiosity, strength of will and a nose for trends, he was open to change and always looking for innovative programs, international cooperation and networking agreements as well as trying to optimize the quality of “education services”.

“There is no doubt that the ability to communicate is a fundamental part of European integration. Just imagine which course the German reunification would have taken without a common language.”
Pierre Semidei (1940 – 2009) Founder of ESO Education Group

Our promise: Assuming responsibility

A comprehensive education includes the development of the personality – for a successful path of life. We have contributed to this continually and constantly expanded the scope of our services for over five decades.

Today, as back then, we adapt our concepts of education and integration to meet the requirements of the modern life and working world. This is made possible by continuous dialogue and by close partnerships within the economy as well as with researchers and international experts. We are well aware of our role as specialists, competent experts and initiators for individuals, companies, institutions and public authorities alike and we fulfill this task with a high degree of responsibility.

We meet the expectations of our customers, our business partners as well as our employees reliably and solution-oriented. We are committed, passionate and professional. This creates sustainable and stable relationships. We feel obliged to achieve the greatest possible benefits for all ourpartners. We perform at our best and also expect a good performance.


Our quality: Safeguarding the future

Since the very beginning, Pierre Semidei, the founder of ESO Education Group, had nothing in mind but top-quality and sustainable education offers. He knew his vision would only achieve lasting success if the education processes were built on reliable quality criteria. It is therefore no tby coincidence that ESO, with its very first certification according to international standards (ISO 9001), has assumed a pioneering role in the German education system.


Our success: Setting new standards

We will continue to play our part as pioneers of education and training – a role we have fulfilled time and again in the past history of ESO Education Group. And we will continue to set new standards in the educational sector.