Our Tradition

Tree-ring after tree-ring, a tree matures to become a strong organism, bringing in past experiences to its future development. This way, it contributes to developing the strong community of a forest. We would like to follow this example: learn from experience, provide guidance and support, arouse enthusiasm for opportunities and strengthen the public good.

Jean Jaurès»Tradition is not about conserving the ashes, it is about keeping the fire burning.«

Experience and competence for the future of education

Trends and developments – social, economic and political developments, but also the increase of knowledge of the time; all of this is shaping us – just like a mighty tree, year after year, is exposed to and defies the weather and environmental conditions. Time leaves its marks – as we can see in those tree-rings. Yet a tree always manages to grow new shoots. It is learning, it is getting stronger, it is constantly evolving. Its tradition is the starting point of new developments.

We respond reliably and prudently to the dynamism of the world. Looking nostalgically back to the past will not work. It is the experience, the routine and the competencies that we have gained in our lives and works so far that spark our curiosity for new experiences. A good academic education, a good professional education and further education help us to focus on truly sustainable, timeless benefits.

ESO Education Group promotes individual strengths and individual skills that contribute to the development of our society in a responsible way – i.e. being aware of our values and traditions and in consideration of the crucial importance of knowledge that has been developed and preserved over many eras. Like nature, we too rely on independent, organic growth from within. We come into play wherever support is needed and at the same time,we leave room for enthusiasm, inspiration and growth.