Our Quality

Comparable to the geometry of honeycombs, our education and service concepts as well as our processes are transparently structured and systematically aligned. This is the base from where we can pursue our inspirations passionately and enthusiastically; just like swarming honey bees.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau»Reason forms man, but emotion guides him.«

Far-sighted offers, empathic services, independent certification

Philosopher and pedagogue, Jean-Jacques Rousseau has pointed out to us that reason and emotions go hand in hand. According to this principle, we have linked quality and passion.

ESO Education Group puts great emphasis on continuous improvement. We are never satisfied with our achievements. This applies both to our training portfolio and service offers as well as to ESO Education Group as an attractive employer.

Just like the structures of honeycombs develop in optimum cooperation, so do we develop our training and service concepts with great care, based on the ideas and the expert knowledge of the numerous members of our group. Our concepts remain stable and robust because we constantly focus on the requirements of the relevant work and life environment.

Our value-oriented and sustainable education offers are regularly certified and reviewed in internal and external audits. Our quality management system ensures transparent processes of teaching, services and management, leading to independent quality assurance for all member institutions of our group.

But quality is not an end in itself: Quality is the base from where we can pursue our inspirations passionately and enthusiastically, because we can rely upon the sound integration of new ideas and concepts into our system of solid and trustworthy structures.

We consider and adapt to the individual needs and requirements of our customers with great sensitivity. This, in turn, helps to equip our graduates with a high level of flexibility and adaptability, but also with strong intuitive and creative powers.